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We know how the last large-scale invasion of Europe turned out. Rewarding Putin for invading Ukraine makes him more powerful and increases the chances of a future nuclear war.

Stopping him now, rather than waiting until it's too late, is rational.

The peoples of Finland, Sweden, Georgia, and elsewhere have more experience and more at stake, and we know what they think. Their opinions count more than yours or mine.

I'm with you. I recently wrote "I believe if you push hard enough on why any societal problem persists, the answer is always because the ruling class wants it that way. I see everything through a class prism.

So, if I'm asked "who benefits from racism?" my answer is not white people. My answer is the ruling class. It protects them by keeping us divided. Racism is a tool that the ruling class deploys against us."

Their tool works extraordinarily well. It works on white racists. It works on blacks, too. The very first action of BLM -- the event that brought them to prominence -- was their attack on Bernie Sanders (perhaps the least racist white person in the US) in his initial run for Presidency.

Bernie tried to unite ordinary people against the ruling class. He was never divisive. He failed. I hope you're more successful.

Suppose I believe in the existence of God, but I don't believe that He (or She or It) wrote the Bible; that the Bible has no moral authority; and that Jesus is not my personal savior?

In other words, suppose I believe in God, but I'm not a Christian?

If that offends you, then it's not belief in God that matters to you. Stop pretending. God doesn't like insincerity.

If that doesn't offend you, then why worry about belief? There are many religious traditions that don't teach fear of God. Those traditions emphasize behavior, not belief.

My belief is that what one believes doesn't matter. What one does, does.