I undertand you perfectly. You want Putin to succeed. I don't.

And I don't think "This is unbelievably simple."

I don't want war and I don't "support" it. You and Caitlin are the war mongers.

Why aren't you fighting for Putin in Ukraine? Then, once Putin wins, why not continue to support his aggression?

I want the war over. I want Putin and Russia out of Ukraine. I don't want Putin to attack other countries.

I tried to keep the US out of Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere. I have every right to try to get Russia out of Ukraine.

If the US invaded Cuba or Mexico to "protect" US interests, you, Caitlin, and I would do our best to stop the invasion. What's different?

Your argument (and Caitlin's) that one must fight in person in order to oppose the invasion is pure crap. You both should be ashamed. People have the right to voice their opinions even if circumstances (age, health, family situation , ...) prevent them from being there.

You're a bully and a war monger.


That's really all. The below is "extra."

The outcome of the war in Ukraine will define the future of humanity for generations. Caitlin's position (and yours) is incomprehensible.

Put aside all the death, rape, damage. that Russia causes. Let's think about nuclear war. Appeasing Putin makes nuclear conflict more likely. Opposing Putin makes it less likely. Putin created a terrifying situation that put our entire planet at risk.

So what does Caitlin (or you) do? Instead of demanding Putin leave Ukraine, she screams the US must keep out. One's head spins at the insanity.

If threatening nuclear war helps Putin accomplish his goals, what stops him from doing so over and over? Putin will become stronger and nuclear war more likely every time he gets what he wants. Had Hitler been stopped early, WWII might have been avoided. The world would be a different, and likely much better, place.

That's why Putin must be stopped now. Peace demands aggression not be rewarded. That neither Caitlin nor you see it makes me doubt your (and her) judgment and sincerity.

Finland, Sweden, Georgia, and other nations get it. They don't particularly like the US or NATO, but they understand what's at stake. The sane response is to support Ukraine.

And here's the heart of the matter. Even if I'm wrong about everything I write, I have the right to express my opinion. I'm not the one trying to shut anybody up. I have no less right to speak out than you do.



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